Additional Aircraft Services


PRe-purchase evaluations

During an aircraft purchase, a Pre-Purchase inspection from a reputable facility is critical to keep all dealings fair between the buyer and seller. AmP provides a straight-forward approach for all Pre-Purchase evaluations and offers many different options depending on the airframe. Our technicians have completed many Pre-Purchase evaluations and understand the importance of providing an unbiased, evidence-based approach to keep the transaction moving forward. Our principal focus during a pre-purchase evaluation is to provide the most accurate assessment of the condition of the aircraft.

DOM Services and Maintenance Tracking

AmP recognizes that not every flight department or aircraft owner has the ability to employ a full-time Director of Maintenance. We offer DOM services and tracking services to meet your individual needs. You will receive all of the added benefits of having a fully certified repair station working on your behalf with the oversight of an individual who is assigned to and familiar with your specific needs, your GMM, and Part 135/Part 91 flight department needs. We work with all major maintenance tracking programs such as CAMP, CMP, CESCOM, Flight Docs, Traxxall and CAAMS to maximize the utility and efficiency of your aircraft.